Project Zouwu: Analytics Zoo Time Series for Telco

Project Zouwu provides a reference solution that is designed and optimized for common time series applications in the Telco industry, including:


Time series forecasting has many applications in telco. Accurate forecast of telco KPIs (e.g. traffic, utilizations, user experience, etc.) for communication networks ( 2G/3G/4G/5G/wired) can help predict network failures, allocate resource, or save energy. Time series forecasting can also be used for log and metric analysis for data center IT operations for telco. Metrics to be analyzed can be hardware or VM utilizations, database metrics or servce quality indicators.

We provided a reference use case where we forecast network traffic KPI's as a demo. Refer to Network Traffic for forecasting.

To learn how to use built-in models, refer to tutorials (i.e. LSTMForecaster and MTNetForcaster, TCMFForecaster) and API docs (i.e. LSTMForecaster, MTNetForecaster) and TCMFForecaster for built-in models.

To learn how to use AutoTS, refer to AutoTS tutorial and API docs (i.e. AutoTSTrainer and TSPipeline) for automated training.